DnD 5e – Spell List Breakdowns Now Include Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

We got 7 new spells in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, and they’ve now been added to my spell list breakdowns.

The New Spells

Some quick general impressions:

  • Ashardalon’s Stride – I love this spell for gish builds. Guaranteed damage (though not very much of it), and Opportunity Attacks are off the table. Combine this with Booming Blade and hit-and-run tactics have never been easier, plus you can run past every enemy in an encounter every round to quickly deal a bunch of damage.
  • Draconic Transformation – Blindsight, flight, and as much damage as fireball every turn as a Bonus Action so you can still cast other spells as an Action. The action economy here is amazing.
  • Fizban’s Platinum Shield – Quick, easy protection against things like breath weapons. The spell level for this is really high, but it is really good.
  • Nathair’s Mischief – Really fun, but not very effective.
  • Raulothim’s Psychic Lance – Incapacitate the target for one round on an Int save, and you can use it without line of sight against named enemies. Great for eating through Legendary Resistances. The damage is weak, but that’s not what the spell is for.
  • Rime’s Binding Ice – Cool concept, great effect, but the Con save and poor damage make it hard to justify.
  • Summon Draconic Spirit – Very durable and versatile, but offensively weak. Good for sorcerers because you can do so much with one summon, but druids and wizards may prefer to bring multiple summon spells.

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