DnD 5e Dwarf Handbook – Updated assessments and improved advice

Selected in last month’s Patreon Poll as the next 5e race handbook to receive an update, I’ve given the Dwarf Handbook the usual post-Tasha’s updates.

A lot of people figured this out early, but the Mountain Dwarf’s combination of medium armor proficiency and two +2 increases makes it a very powerful and versatile race option. For MAD classes and for poorly-armored casters, it’s an excellent go-to choice. The Hill Dwarf is less flashy and impressive, but it’s still a solid choice for SAD builds with poor durability that might not need medium armor. Either way, with the custom origin rules dwarves are good at basically anything now.

I made some text improvements to the descriptions for the default rules. The only rating that changed was the Ranger, which I raised from 3-stars/green to 4-stars/blue. The introduction of Fighting Style (Druidic Warrior) makes the Hill Dwarf an excellent ranger, and suffers fewer MAD issues than you might otherwise due to the Dwarf’s lack of a Dexterity increase.