DnD 5e Dragonborn Handbook – The Fizban’s Update

Ah, release day! Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons (affiliate link) is out today, and with it we’ve finally gotten the updates to the Dragonborn that we’ve needed since 5e first released. This was coincidentally the next race selected for updates in the last Patreon Poll, but mostly by coincidence we got Fizban’s right when I was planning to update the article.

The new dragonborn are great. They’re more mechanically effective, more diverse, and more interesting. I think Wizards of the Coast hit the “sweet spot” in terms of race design here. Dragonborn will feel satisfying and exciting to play and they feel thematically and mechanically distinct from other races, but at the same time they’re not going to upset the state the of the meta.

I’ve made considerable updates to my Dragonborn Handbook, including all of the usual content but also an exploration of how dragonborn have evolved over 5e’s history and where they stand today with the new updates.


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