One Hour Sessions

DnD 5e – Article Retrospective: Practical Guide to One Hour Sessions

We’re in that weird post-Thanksgiving void where it’s not quite December but it might as well be. People are going to be shopping and traveling for the holidays, and everyone’s schedules are going to be tight. Enter the One Hour Session.

A One Hour Session is a tight, self-contained chunk of adventuring fun that you can squeeze into a single hour. You might justifiably say “I can’t run a fun game with just an hour of game time.” I’m here to tell you that yes, you can, and It’s probably easier than you think.

Even if you never need to compress your game into an airtight 1-hour timebox, this article’s full of advice on how to plan your game sessions and how to keep them running quickly so your players don’t spend half an hour opening an unlocked door.