DnD 5e Rogue Subclasses Breakdown – Updated subclass assessments and improved advice

I’m still working on my ongoing updates to my DnD 5e coverage in a post-Tasha’s world. Patreon Poll picked the Rogue as the next class to receive updated subclass coverage.

The only subclass which changed ratings was the Arcane Trickster, which I raised from green to blue. As new spell options have been added to the game, the Arcane Trickster’s options both offensively and for utility/trickery purposes have improved. This has indirectly made the Arcane Trickster considerably more effective, and it can now easily outcompete most other subclasses in basically everything that you hope a rogue would do.

I made some significant improvements to my coverage of other subclasses. I made small rating changes to specific features, but most of the changes are just adding more and better advice. Most notably, yesterday I added a Practical Guide to Fast Hands which goes into detail on the Thief’s signature Fast Hands feature, which has long been a poorly-understood part of the subclass.

Updates are live on both versions of the site.