DnD 5e – New Class Handbook for MCDM’s Beastheart

MCDM Productions released Beastheart and Monstrous Companions in late 2021, a PDF supplement which introduces a the Beastheart, a new class built around their Monstrous Companions system. I published my Practical Guide to Monstrous Companions yesterday, so a class handbook for the Beastheart probably isn’t a surprise.

I really like the Beastheart. There’s a good mix of complexity in the subclasses, and it’s easy to build a beastheart to your desired level of complexity and to fit your play style. It’s by no means perfect, and not all of the options work the way I think they were intended to work, but there are a lot of very fun ideas in the class that I would sincerely love to explore at the table.


  1. Desire January 26, 2022
    • RPGBOT January 26, 2022