Totembreaker Scourge of Nature

DnD 5e – New Build Guide – The Totembreaker

We’ve got an interesting build guide here today folks, because the new stuff isn’t in the new article. As part of an ongoing project to remove multiclassing from the subclass handbooks’ example builds, The Totembreaker has been moved out of the Path of the Totem Warrior Barbarian subclass handbook.

The Totembreaker is a very out there attempt to combine Oathbreaker Paladin and Totem Barbarian into something ultimately very silly. You’ll find us using all sorts of shenanigans to make a beefy damage dealer who stops for nothing.

The new stuff you’ll want to have a look at is our new example build for the Totem Warrior, What is Nature’s Call? Here you’ll see the absurdity that results when an Eladrin becomes a Barbarian.