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DnD 5e – New Bladesinging Wizard Handbook

RPGBOT contributing author and podcast co-host Random Powell is back with another excellent subclass handbook, this time for the Bladesinging Wizard (more commonly known as the Bladesinger).

This was a very informative article for me. Bladesinger has long received a lot of praise for being powerful, but also proved confusing to build and play. We’ve had it rated 4 stars/blue on the site since it was released, and after reading Random’s new handbook, we’ve dropped it all the way to 2 stars/orange. I won’t repeat everything in the article here, but the Bladesinger is much more challenging to build and play than I realized. It’s still good because you’re still a wizard, but it may be one of the most difficult varieties of wizard to play effectively.


  1. Jordan M April 5, 2022
    • Random Powell April 6, 2022