DnD 5e – Minotaur Race Handbook Updated

Minotaurs have been in a weird state for all of 5e’s history. In the Monster Manual, they’re fiends. Then they’re published in an Unearthed Arcana which was supposedly intended for Dragonlance content which never saw the light of day (I’ve read that there’s a long-running legal dispute), then we got minotaurs published in Ravnica and Theros, but they were basically just “intimidating bovine humanoid” rather than having any actual tie to the real-world legend of the Minotaur or even to the creature in the Monster Manual.

Monsters of the Multiverse finally gave us something nominally close to the concepts in the Monster Manual, but the execution was disappointing. Minotaurs were already totally pigeon-holed as a front-line Strength-based martial brute, and now they’re also basically obligated to learn Survival despite losing a skill proficiency compared to the previous versions.

Not all of the updated races in Monsters of the Multiverse needed to be buffs, but this was pretty rough. Minotaurs weren’t good enough to justify nerfing them.