DnD 5e – Goliath Handbook Updated

Monsters of the Multiverse updated the Goliath, but didn’t change much of consequence. It uses the new race design concepts, so +2/+1 increases or three +1s, Stone’s Endurance is PB/long rest instead of recharging on a short rest, and they went back to being locked into Athletics. The custom origin rules make goliaths viable in builds that weren’t built around Strength, so it’s a little frustrating to go back to Athletics since it’s essentially useless on any build that’s not Strength-based. Even so, if you’re fine with Athletics being wasted, the Goliath’s durability is still a great asset for many frail classes that try to survive in melee.


  1. Jordan M February 2, 2022
    • RPGBOT February 3, 2022