DnD 5e Gnome Handbook – Updated assessments and improved advice

Selected in September’s Patreon Poll as the next 5e race handbook to receive an update, I’ve given the Gnome Handbook the usual post-Tasha’s updates.

Gnomes are in a weird spot mechanically in a post-Tasha’s world. Gnome Cunning becomes their big selling point, but with the Yuan-ti Pureblood on the table (they have Magic Resistance), that’s a difficult choice. On top of that, the Gnome’s subclasses offer few traits. The Forest Gnome and the Svirfneblin are easily the best options in any build. If you do plan to play a gnome, there aren’t any classes where they’re significantly better or worse than others because their racial traits don’t offer any interesting synergies with classes.


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