DnD 5e – Critical Role Content Updated

Recently we got updates to the Bloodhunter, Oath of the Open Seas, and Way of the Cobalt Soul, all of which are written by Matt Mercer.

The changes to the subclasses were minor: just some improvements to the wording of the class features and Oath of the Open Sea’s spell list got some different spells.

But the Bloodhunter got a whole bunch of changes. Weirdly, the changes were only made on DnDBeyond. The DMsGuild version hasn’t been updated. Of course, that also makes it really easy to compare the text changes because you can go download the PDF from DMsGuild and look at things side by side.

I gave things a good look, and it’s mostly clarification of the existing text. There were some minorly impactful text changes to things like Blood Curses, but generally if you weren’t looking for abuse cases I don’t think you’ll notice a difference.