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Pathfinder - Gunslinger Deeds Breakdown


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Gunslinger Deeds

Deeds are a sizable list of uses for the Gunslinger's Grit points.

Deadeye (Ex): Just take Long Shot. If you need more range than that, you can either move closer or run away.

Gunslinger's Dodge (Ex): Situational, but occasionally useful and certainly amusing.

Quick Clear (Ex): Misfires happen, and when they do it's nice to have this ready.

Gunslinger Initiative (Ex): A free bonus to initiative is great, but the ability to draw a weapon for free with quick draw is silly because quick draw already makes drawing a weapon a free action.

Pistol-Whip (Ex): Very cool, but only situationally useful.

Utility Shot (Ex): These shot are really cool tricks, but they're somewhat situational. They don't cost Grit, which is really nice.

Dead Shot (Ex): Basically Vital Strike for free. If you plan to use this, take the biggest gun you can carry, and throw the Impact enhancement on it to boost your weapon's damage die.

Startling Shot (Ex): If you have a rogue handy, this can save them the trouble of flanking, but it won't do you a lot of good.

Targeting (Ex): Trip and Disarm with no CMB roll and no feats. You still make your attack as a touch attack within the first range increment, so you're basically guranteed to succeed.

Bleeding Wound (Ex): Normal bleed damage usually isn't very scary, but if your dexterity is high (and it should be), it can add up very quickly on big enemies with tons of hit points. Constitution bleed is even better.

Expert Loading (Ex): Just spend a grit point to use Rapid Clear and fix your gun before this becomes a problem.

Lightning Reload (Ex): You should have Rapid Reload if you're a Gunslinger. Pistols can be reloaded as a free action with Rapid Reload and alchemical cartridges, but this allows you to fire a musket twice in one round.

Evasive (Ex): Evasion is amazing at any level.

Menacing Shot (Ex): Excellent when you are outnumbered or low on ammunition.

Slinger's Luck (Ex): Two points is steep, but a reroll on a saving throw will absolutely save your life. Rerolling skills can be nice when the pressure is on, but Gunslingers are not skill monkeys.

Cheat Death (Ex): This will save your life, and might win the fight for you.

Death's Shot (Ex): Very situational. Firearms generally have a x4 critical multiplier, and with any sort of decent enhancements that should add up to a huge pile of damage.

Stunning Shot (Ex): Stunned is a fantastic status condition, but two grit points is very costly.