RANGER Levels 5 – 20 – Yeah, I’m not going to be using Hunter’s Mark either – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E67

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Show Notes

In this RPGBOT.Podcast episode, we discuss the progression of our ranger characters from levels 5 to 20, highlighting the challenges and features of each level. We explore the spells, feats, and abilities available to rangers at each level, providing insights and comparisons. We progress our Ranger Builds focusing on the abilities and features gained at different levels. We Talk about the improvements and limitations of the characters, comparing the effectiveness of various spells and abilities.

We also share their experiences and insights on the game’s mechanics and the impact of character progression on gameplay. The conversation covers a range of topics related to Dungeons & Dragons, including character builds, capstone abilities, and the reception of new game editions. We answer the question of the week discussing the 5th edition of D&D, the Pathfinder 2 Remaster, and the upcoming 2024 rules, touching on the challenges of pleasing a diverse community and the business motivations behind game updates.

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