Half-Elf Handbook: PF2 Ancestry Guide – RPGBOT

Introduction The Half-Elf is a Heritage option for the Human Ancestry. However, unlike a typical Heritage, it grants access to a unique combination of Ancestry Feats: Human Feats, Elf Feats, and a small selection of exclusive Half-Elf Feats. The Half-Elf’s feats have little to offer that you couldn’t get from Adopted Ancestry, but the combination of the Human’s Ancestry Feats and the Half-Elf’s Inspire Imitation can make for an excellent combination around the Aid action. This article will not address Elf Feats or Human Feats. For help with Elf Feats, see our Elf Handbook. For help with Human Feats, see … Continue reading Half-Elf Handbook: PF2 Ancestry Guide – RPGBOT