Azarketi Handbook: PF2 Ancestry Guide – RPGBOT

Introduction Aquatic humanoids with a history deeply entwined with Aboleths and other Alghollthus, the Azarketi is a nearly-human ancestry which works very well in aquatic campaigns. For such an obscure race, the Azarketi has a lot of options. 9 Heritages, nearly 30 feats, and two weapons. That said, most of them are unusable outside of water, and even in water many of them are questionably useful. Do not bring an Azarketi to a campaign where you’re not persistently in or around a body of water. Azarketi Ancestry Traits Hit Points: 8 hit points is standard, and the Constitution increase helps. … Continue reading Azarketi Handbook: PF2 Ancestry Guide – RPGBOT