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AbbrBookPurchase LinkReview
AGLost Omens Ancestry GuideAmazon Affiliate Link
APGAdvanced Player’s GuideAmazon Affiliate Link
BotDBook of the DeadAmazon Affiliate Link
CGLost Omens Character GuideAmazon Affiliate Link
CRBCore RulebookAmazon Affiliate Link
DADark ArchiveAmazon Affiliate LinkPathfinder 2e’s Dark Archive – RPGBOT.News S2E63
GaMLost Omens: Gods and MagicAmazon Affiliate Link
GGGuns and GearsAmazon Affiliate LinkRPGBOT.Podcast Bonus Episode – Guns and Gears
SoMSecrets of MagicAmazon Affiliate Link
TVTreasure VaultAmazon Affiliate LinkTreasure Vault for PF2 – RPGBOT.News S3E11