New Site Beta

If you’ve reached this page, you’ve found the super secret beta for the new version of

Why is this happening?

I’ve run on code that I wrote (atop a pile of open source tools) since I started the site in 2013. While that process has worked very well for me for a long time, I’ve reached a point where I need to rethink the tools that I use in order to continue to grow the site. So I’m moving to WordPress.

One of the biggest reasons I’m doing this is so that I can bring on contributing authors more frequently. I brought on Random Powell to write RPGBOT’s first article that I didn’t write myself, and literally the only thing that went poorly was that I had to spend 8 hours converting a text document into HTML to get the article live. Moving to WordPress does a lot to address that gigantic pain point.

To put it simply: adding articles to the current site is hard. New site means easier articles, especially from other authors, which means more content.

This also allows me to more easily add a lot of other things to the site:

  • A blog
  • Comments on blog posts
  • Built-in site search
  • Quality-of-life improvements like a table of contents on long pages
  • A spellchecker
  • Possibly a store at some point

What does this change for me, the reader?

Hopefully very little. The site is going to look a little different, and there will almost certainly be some bugs, but I’ve tried very hard to keep everything in the same place that it was before.

If you do find anything broken, please email me so I can get it fixed.


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