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General - Campaign Ideas

Once in a while I have an idea for a campaign that I like enough to write down. Some of these ideas may be explored in depth, some may include unique mechanics, and some will just be half-formed ideas with a few sentences of description.

Fantasy: First Responders

Imagine a DnD-style metropolis in a high magic setting (Sharn in Eberron is a great example). The residents are as native to that setting as any player character, so there are numerous clerics, wizards, etc. and the world is shaped by the presence of those classes. Businesses and other services cater to those people's needs, and interacting with a wizard is as normal as interacting with a real-world engineer or scientist. However, the introduction of magic into a densely populated area introduces certain dangers. To address these issues, the city establishes a first responders organization: a government-backed guild of heroes paid by the city to respond to fantasy catastrophies much in the same way that real-world firefighters respond to fires.

Fantasy: Massive Chalice

I just finished Massive Chalice, and I absolutely loved it. Despite mediocre reviews and some legitimite criticisms of the game (This Kotaku Review addresses most of them very nicely, I think), the base concepts of the game are solid and could be adapted easily to a class-based fantasy game like DnD or Pathfinder. Replacing heroes with their descendents every few years also opens up the ability to experiment with a wide variety of builds, which seems very appealing for enthusiastic min-maxers who love to play a build idea two or three times before dropping it to explore another.

Shadowrun: Green as Grass

Shadowrun's character creation rules assume that the characters are experienced and often have a decent amount of gear and connections to support them. I want to see a game where the characters first get into running the shadows. How do they meet their first fixer? How do they get their first job? How do they go about their jobs with no prior experience to fall back on. I especially want to run this for a group of players totally new to the system and setting to get the full experience.

Star Wars: Inquisition

I really enjoy the Star Wars: Rebels series, and the Inquisitors themselves are especially interesting. There is a lot implied about their interactions and their organization, but very little is actually explored. Where information is left to the audience to guess is where we can find space for a game. How does the inquisition recruit? How large is it? How are they trained, and what do they do (if anything) when they're not hunting jedi? Do they hunt other enemies of the Empire (rebels, etc.)? What makes them all so willing to embrace the dark side?