DRUIDS Levels 1 – 4 – Druidic is just Elvish for Hipsters – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E73

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Show Notes

In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we discuss druids in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, covering topics such as race and ability scores, proficiencies, class features, spellcasting, and the role of druids as controllers in combat. We also break down the different Druid subclasses and their features and express our opinions on each subclass and provide insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

We’ll decide on our own subclass choices: Tyler chooses Circle of Spores, Ash chooses Circle of Stars, and Randall chooses Circle of the Moon. We talk about the different forms that Moon Druids can take and the spells they can use at different levels. We explore the benefits of several forms and spells, as well as the strategies and tactics that can be employed in combat. Our conversation concludes with a preview of the next episode, where they will cover levels 5 to 20 for the Druid class.

Materials Referenced in This Episode

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