About DPR Calculator

Damage Per Round or “DPR” is a helpful way to approximate your character’s damage output, allowing you to more easily weigh build choices.

Calculating Minimum Roll to Hit

5e expects that players’ attack bonuses will advance in parallel with expected AC for monsters of their level, and players are expected to hit those creatures on an attack roll of 8 or better. I explain in more detail in  The Fundamental Math of Character Optimization.

If you increase your primary ability score at 4th and 8th level and have no other changes your attack bonus, leaving your Minimum Roll to Hit value at 8 is fine. If your attack bonus increases by 1, such as from a +1 weapon, reduce the Minimum Roll to Hit value accordingly. If your attack bonus decreases relative to the AC progression for some reason (maybe you took a feat at level 4 instead, or maybe you’re using Sharpshooter), increase the Minimum Roll to Hit value by the value of the penalty.

DPR Calculator