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DnD 5e - How to Play

Introductory Adventure

Inspired by the solo adventure in the Pathfinder beginner box, I have created a solo adventure to introduce new players to the game.

Trouble at The Tonesvale Fair - A solo adventure for players new to DnD 5e

The Rules

Learning a new roleplaying game is hard, especially if this is your first time roleplaying. This guide is intended to be a comprehensive but simple introduction to the rules of DnD 5e. The rules of DnD 5e are complex, so take your time reading this guide. If you have questions, ask your fellow players or email me.

This section is frequently changing. Not because the rules are changing (not much at least), but because I am constantly attempting to find better ways to explain the intricacies of the rules without making them overly complex. If any parts of this section are confusing, missing, incorrect, or just generally bad, the Player's Handbook is always the first place you should go to learn the rules.

  1. What is a Role Playing Game?
  2. What is DnD 5e?
  3. Example of Play
  4. Appendix 2: Player Glossary - Terms used by players