Tal’Dorei Feats Breakdown – DnD 5e – RPGBOT

Tal’Dorei Feats Introduction In addition to the official 5e source books (Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount and Call of the Netherdeep), the team at Critical Role also published Tal’Dorei: Campaign Setting Reborn, which details the setting of the first campaign of Critical Role. Among the detailed setting information, we also got some exciting new character options. Please note that while Matt Mercer and the rest of the folks at Critical Role do have a working relationship with the team at Wizards of the Coast, Tal’Dorei: Campaign Setting Reborn is still a 3rd-party product published under the Open Gaming License, and isn’t … Continue reading Tal’Dorei Feats Breakdown – DnD 5e – RPGBOT