Bugbear-y Me in Damage – DnD 5e – RPGBOT

Bugbear Introduction The launch of Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse brought us numerous new and updated race options. While these were mostly good, but not problematic, the Bugbear immediately stood out as terrifyingly ripe for abuse. The RPGBOT team latched onto the new Bugbear and brainstormed a series of absolutely terrifying builds, each wildly upsetting the game’s DPR expectations. This article seeks to refine those brainstorms into a few absolutely horrifying builds. The Bugbear’s most mechanically impactful feature is Surprise Attack, which allows you to deal an additional 2d6 damage per attack when you hit a creature that has … Continue reading Bugbear-y Me in Damage – DnD 5e – RPGBOT