Bardadin: The Whispering Vengeance – DnD 5e

Last Updated: December 16, 2022 Introduction Paladin multiclass builds have been popular since 5e hit shelves in 2014. The Sorcadin held sway for a long time before being supplanted by the Hexadin as the go-to multiclass build. But while those two builds are certainly the most well-known paladin multiclass combos, there is another way: The Bardadin. The Bardadin doesn’t have the Sorcerer’s ability to melt high-level spell slots into efficient 1st-level smites, and they don’t have the Warlock’s ability to recharge their smites slots on a short rest, but the Bardadin makes up for those capabilities with panache. By combining … Continue reading Bardadin: The Whispering Vengeance – DnD 5e