Fey Touched DnD 5e


Fey Touched provides a +1 increase to any mental ability score plus more spells, making this an easy choice for any spellcasting class. Misty Step is a 2nd-level spell, and is among the most tactically-impactful spells in the game. On top of those benefits, you get the daunting task of selecting a 1st-level Divination or Enchantment spell to learn and cast for free once per day.

Despite how powerful it is, Fey Touched is not necessarily the best way for your character to get access to these spells. If you primarily want misty step, the Eladrin and the Shadar-Kai both teleportation, and the Githyanki can cast Misty Step. Unless you plan to use both spells frequently and put additional spell slots into casting both of them more than once per day, consider other options.

The clear winner among Fey Touched’s spell options is Silvery Barbs, because of course it is.

For more information about spellcasting feats, including ratings of the various feats, see our Spellcasting Feats Guide.

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Fey Touched 1st-Level Spell Options

For a full list of available spell options and spell descriptions, see DnDBeyond.

  • Animal FriendshipPHB: Too situational.
  • BanePHB: A decent debuff, but it’s more reliable to buff your own allies with Bless.
  • Beast BondEEPC / XGtE: Too situational. Most classes have little reason to invest the resources to make an animal friendly enough to be the subject of Beast Bond.
  • BlessPHB: Among the best low-level buffs in the game, Bless remains effective across the level range even if you cast it as a level 1 spell.
  • Charm PersonPHB: Given the choice, I would take Skill Expert with Persuasion before I spent a feat to get Charm Person.
  • CommandPHB: Decent crowd control, and upcasting it works reasonably well. Against enemies which rely on weapons, you can command them to drop what they’re holding then rush over and collect it before they can.
  • Compelled DuelPHB: Excellent for tanky spellcasters like artificers, clerics, and bladesinger wizards. This doesn’t force enemies into melee with you, but it forces enemies close enough that they’re easily within your movement speed.
  • Comprehend languagesPHB: Take Ritual Caster instead.
  • Detect Evil and GoodPHB: Too situational.
  • Detect MagicPHB: Take Ritual Caster instead.
  • Detect Poison and DiseasePHB: Take Ritual Caster instead.
  • Dissonant WhispersPHB: A good way to break a grapple, to force enemies to move away from you or an ally, or to force enemies to provoke Opportunity Attacks. But it’s not much damage so unless you want the crowd control effect skip this.
  • Gift of AlacrityEGtW: A good buff at any level, but unless you plan to also cast it on allies you may do better to with the Alert feat.
  • HeroismPHB: A good combat buff, Heroism is perfect on any front-line martial character. The replenishing temporary hit points can mitigate a ton of damage, significantly reducing your party’s reliance on healing at a very low spell slot cost.
  • HexPHB: Great on almost any character that relies on multiple attacks to deal damage. With a Bonus Action casting time it’s easy to cast before spending your Action to attack. You can also use it to give targets Disadvantage on Strength or Dexterity checks to make them more susceptible to things like Grapple and Shove. On top of that, the 1-hour duration and the ability to move to a new target means that you get a lot of mileage out of a single spell slot. This is a go-to option for fighters and paladins.
  • Hunter’s MarkPHB: Similar to Hex, but the benefits beyond damage are more situational and harder to abuse.
  • IdentifyPHB: Borderline useless.
  • SleepPHB: The 1st-level casting won’t scale, so unless you’re spending spell slots to cast it this is totally useless.
  • Silvery BarbsSCoC: Extremely powerful, but also very complicated. See our blog post on Silvery Barbs for details on the numerous abuse cases which the spell allows.
  • Speak with AnimalsPHB: Too situational.
  • Tasha’s Hideous LaughterPHB: A good single-target save-or-suck option, but the valid targets are intentionally limited and you don’t get anything for upcasting it.