The Fathomless Warlock Handbook – DnD 5e

Resting our head On the seabed In an octopus’ garden Near a cave Octopus’ Garden – The Beatles Introduction Tentacles and dark ocean depths are a Fathomless Warlock’s best friend. While it’s certainly far more useful in an aquatic situation, the Fathomless can hold its own on land as well. So if you don’t shy away from that which wriggles around in mucosal secretions, grab hold of my tentacle and take the plunge. We promise you’re not allowed to drown. Not anymore. Silly intro aside, the Fathomless Warlock has a pseudopod pseudo-pet, the Tentacle of the Deeps, that can smack … Continue reading The Fathomless Warlock Handbook – DnD 5e