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AbbrBookPurchase LinkDnD Beyond Digital CodeRPGBOT Review
AcIncAcquistions IncorporatedAmazon Affiliate Link
BomTThe Book of Many ThingsAmazon Affiliate LinkNov 13th, 2023
DMGDungeon Master’s GuideAmazon Affiliate LinkDigital
EGtWExplorer’s Guide to WildemountAmazon Affiliate Link
ERLWEberron: Rising From The Last WarAmazon Affiliate Link
EEPCElemental Evil Player’s CompanionFree PDF
FToDFizban’s Treasure of DragonsAmazon Affiliate LinkNov 5th, 2021
GGtRGuildmasters’ Guide to RavnicaAmazon Affiliate Link
GotGBigby Presents: Glory of the GiantsAmazon Affiliate LinkAug 23, 2023
ID:RotFIcewind Dale: Rime of the FrostmaidenAmazon Affiliate Link
KGVKeys from the Golden VaultAmazon Affiliate LinkDigitalFeb 28th, 2023
LRLocathah RisingDMsGuild Affiliate Link
MMMonster ManualAmazon Affiliate LinkDigital
MMoMMordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the MultiverseAmazon Affiliate LinkDigitalJan 28th, 2022
MOoTMystic Odysseys of TherosAmazon Affiliate Link
MToFMordenkainen’s Tome of FoesAmazon Affiliate Link
OGAOne Grung AboveDMsGuild Affiliate Link
PB:SOPhandelver and Below: The Shattered ObeliskAmazon Affiliate LinkSeptember 8th, 2023
PaitMPlanescape: Adventures in the MultiverserAmazon Affiliate LinkOct 16th, 2023
PHBPlayers HandbookAmazon Affiliate LinkDigital
SAiSSpelljammer: Adventures in SpaceAmazon Affiliate LinkDigitalAug 25th, 2022
SCAGSword Coast Adventurer’s GuideAmazon Affiliate Link
SCoCStrixhaven: A Curriculum of ChaosAmazon Affiliate LinkDec 17th, 2021
SotDQDragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon QueenAmazon Affiliate LinkDigitalDec 8, 2022
TCoETasha’s Cauldron of EverythingAmazon Affiliate LinkDigital
ToDTyranny of DragonsAmazon Affiliate LinkDigital
VGtMVolo’s Guide to MonstersAmazon Affiliate Link
WBtWThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightAmazon Affiliate LinkSep 23rd, 2021
WGtEWayfinder’s Guide to EberronDMsGuild Affiliate Link
XGtEXanathar’s Guide to EverythingAmazon Affiliate Link