Sourcebook Abbreviations

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AbbrBookDownload Link
BoEDBook of Exalted DeedsAffiliate Link
BoVDBook of Vile DarknessAffiliate Link
CsCityscapeAffiliate Link
CAdComplete AdventurerAffiliate Link
CArComplete ArcaneAffiliate Link
CCComplete ChampionAffiliate Link
CDComplete DivineAffiliate Link
CMComplete MageAffiliate Link
CoRChampions of Ruin (Forgotten Realms)Affiliate Link
CPComplete PsionicAffiliate Link
CSComplete Scoundrel Affiliate Link
CWComplete WarriorAffiliate Link
DrDraconomiconAffiliate Link
DrMDragon MagicAffiliate Link
DoUDrow of the UnderdarkAffiliate Link
DMGDungeon Master’s GuideAffiliate Link
DMG2Dungeon Master’s Guide 2Affiliate Link
DsDungeonscapeAffiliate Link
EEElder EvilsAffiliate Link
ELHEpic Level HandbookAffiliate Link
EoEExemplars of EvilAffiliate Link
EPHExpanded Psionics HandbookAffiliate Link
FFFiend FolioAffiliate Link
FC1Fiendish Codex 1Affiliate Link
FC2Fiendish Codex 2Affiliate Link
FrbFrostburnAffiliate Link
GwGhostwalkAffiliate Link
HoBHeroes of BattleAffiliate Link
HoHHeroes of HorrorAffiliate Link
LMLibris MortisAffiliate Link
LoMLords of MadnessAffiliate Link
MICMagic Item CompendiumAffiliate Link
MoIMagic of IncarnumAffiliate Link
MoPManual of the PlanesAffiliate Link
MMMonster ManualAffiliate Link
MM2Monster Manual 2Affiliate Link
MM3Monster Manual 3Affiliate Link
MM4Monster Manual 4Affiliate Link
MM5Monster Manual 5Affiliate Link
OAOriental AdventuresAffiliate Link
PlHPlanar HandbookAffiliate Link
PHBPlayers HandbookAffiliate Link
PHB2Players Handbook 2Affiliate Link
RoDeRaces of DestinyAffiliate Link
RoSRaces of StoneAffiliate Link
RoDrRaces of the DragonAffiliate Link
RoWRaces of the WildAffiliate Link
RCRules CompendiumAffiliate Link
SaSandstormAffiliate Link
SSSavage SpeciesAffiliate Link
SCSpell CompendiumAffiliate Link
SwStormwrackAffiliate Link
ToBTome of BattleAffiliate Link
ToMTome of MagicAffiliate Link
UAUnearthed ArcanaAffiliate Link
WoLWeapons of LegacyAffiliate Link