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TO-DO List

This is a list of all of the additional content which I am currently planning to add, and don't want to forget about. I'll be adding a lot more than what's on this list, but this list is a helpful place for me to keep track of what specific stuff people have asked me to do.

The list is in the order I plan to complete the items, though I have been known to tackle things out of order, especially if I can knock off a few easy items more quickly than the items above them.

  1. DnD 5e - Eberron Races (On hold until the Eberron setting guide gets a final hardcover release)
  2. Pathfinder - Character Optimization - Practical Guide to Summon Monster
  3. Pathfinder - Character Optimization - Occult Adventures Archetypes, etc. for other classes
    • Alchemist
    • Barbarian
    • Bard
    • Cavalier
    • Fighter
    • Inquisitor
    • Investigator
    • Magus
    • Monk
    • Paladin
    • Rogue
    • Sorcerer
    • Witch
  4. Pathinder - Shifter class handbook
  5. DnD 5e - Race handbooks. This one will take a while because there are so many races to cover, so email me if you want a specific race covered. Otherwise I'm going in alphabetical order.
  6. DnD 5e - Ravnika Content
  7. DnD 5e - Multiclassing breakdown - detail benefits of class dips on various classes, discuss benefits/drawbacks of multiclassing
  8. Campaign Idea - Massive Chalice adaptation