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Pathfinder - Striking Panther Ninja Build Guide

Last Updated: September 13, 2018


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I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. Also note that many colored items are also links to the Paizo SRD.

Temporary Note: Paizo has recently discontinued support of their official SRD. From this point forward SRD links on RPGBOT.net will instead link to d20PFSRD.com. While Archive of Nethys is now Paizo's officially licensed partner for the purposes of serving the Pathfinder SRD, Archive of Nethys is a horribly designed website and it simply doesn't match d20PFSRD's ability to keep pace with published content and d20PFSRD's search functionality.

If you encounter any links which still point to the old SRD, please email me so that I can correct them. I also recently added a page explaining my supported content which you may find helpful. --September 15, 2018


It is a harsh reality of Pathfinder that combat tends to involve a lot of standing still and wacking each other. While there are certainly exceptions, the majority of characters will get themselves into position early in a fight and do their best to stand still for as long as possible in order to make a full attack. This is a huge problem for many Rogues/Ninjas, especially those who depend on Full Attacks to deal extra damage.

Two-Weapon Fighting is the general go-to option for Sneak Attack builds because each extra attack is potentially a pile of additional damage. While this is fine in a fight where everyone is nice and polite and stands still while you flank them, this doesn't work in fights where you have multiple enemies, highly mobile enemies, or complex terrain.

The Striking Panther is a highly mobile Scout Ninja/Master of Many Styles Monk build which allows you to dart in, deal a pile of damage, then dance away unscathed. Conceptually, it is similar to Spring Attack, but Spring Attack actually flies in the face of the build. By using Panther Style and Snake Style, the Striking Panther can draw several attacks of opportunity to grant herself free attacks in response to each. Combined with the Scout archetype, this allows the Striking Panther to turn each of these free attacks into Sneak Attacks without the need to stand still, flank, or take penalties to use two-weapon fighting.

Unfortunately, this build is not without its problems. The complications of combining the Ninja and Monk make the build considerably MAD, the build is very feat intensive, and the full power of the build doesn't come into play until level 10 (though the build still functions long before then).

Ninja / Monk Class Features

For details on Ninja class features, see my Ninja Handbook. We will only be taking 2 levels of Monk, so here are the few class features we will get:

Proficiencies: The Monk is proficient with Monk weapons, which gets us some crazy options, but none of them will be any better than the Wakizashi or your bare hands because you need to use light weapons with Weapon Finesse.

Skills: You lose 4 skill ranks compared to Ninja skills, so be sure to choose your skills very carefully to keep from falling behind on essential skills like Stealth and Perception.

AC Bonus (Ex): We can't afford to make our Wisdom high enough to replace armor, but fortunately the Ninja gets light armor proficiency. Even at high levels when we can get a headband of +6 Wisdom, a suit of well enhanced Haramaki will likely be a much better investment.

Flurry of Blows (Ex): I feel a little bad about not taking advantage of Flurry of Blows, but it's one of those abilities where you really need to stand still and full attack. You also can't use it while wearing armor or a shield, and you need those for AC because we can't afford to invest in Wisdom.

Unarmed Strike: Panther Style specifies that the free attack it grants must be unarmed, and we need Improved Unarmed Strike for the style feats, so this does a lot of good things for us. The 1d6 damage is nice too because it will keep pace with our best weapon choices (rapier, wakizashi), and it feels nice to roll a pile of one type of die.

Bonus Feats: We get both of the Monk's low level feats, which is great because we need so many feats to get the build off the ground.

Stunning First (Ex): Stunning enemies is a great idea in a lot of situations. If you need to escape, move into flanking, save your allies, or just prevent your enemy from hitting things, Stunning Fist allows you to completely rob the target of their actions for a full round. However, it prevents the target from making attacks of opportunity against you (and thereby granting you free attacks), so save it for special occasions. The DC is based on Character Level, so it won't be hurt by taking levels of Ninja instead of Monk. If you prefer, you can add the Hungry Ghost Monk archetype and trade Stunning Fist for Punishing Kick. Either one can allow you to use Panther Parry to prevent enemies from actually taking their attacks of opportunity.

Evasion (Ex): Dipping into Monk nets us a +3 to all of our saves, and combined with our high Dexterity and the Ninja's good Reflex saves, Evasion should be very reliable. The Ninja also doesn't get Evasion until at least 12th level, so this will help protect us from fireballs at low levels.

Scout Archetype Features

Scout's Charge (Ex): While not as amazing as Skirmisher, Scout's Charge allows us to charge in for a Sneak Attack, then either run away later or move into position to flank like a normal Rogue.

Skirmisher (Ex): This is cornerstone of the Striking Panther build, and it is the source of your damage output.

Master of Many Styles Features

Bonus Feat: This is crucial to the build, as it greatly contributes to the pile of feats needed to fuel the build.

Fuse Style (Ex): We will only get the first level of this ability, but the ability to fuse two styles is plenty for our purposes.

Perfect Style (Ex): We won't get this far.

Compatible Archetypes


Unfortunately, the Striking Panther is fairly MAD. Ninja

Str: All you get is a bit of damage, and your damage comes mostly from Sneak Attack.

Dex: Crucial for AC, Reflex saves, .

Con: While we should have respectable AC, the Striking Panther lives on a razors edge, and one lucky strike could turn you from a storm of damage output into a fast-moving casualty.

Int: The Ninja only needs intelligence for the skill ranks. If you need skills, dump Strength harder to boost your intelligence more.

Wis: Wisdom helps with the Ninja's poor Will save, and gets us additional uses of Panther Claw.

Cha: The Ninja's Ki Pool depends on Charisma, and we won't take enough levels to use the Monk's Ki Pool instead. Don't dump Charisma, but don't spend a ton of points on it either. This build isn't terribly dependent on the Ki Pool, so don't worry about not having a huge pool.

25 Point Buy 20 Point Buy 15 Point Buy Elite Array
  • Str: 10
  • Dex: 18
  • Con: 12
  • Int: 9
  • Wis: 14
  • Cha: 12
  • Str: 7
  • Dex: 18
  • Con: 12
  • Int: 8
  • Wis: 14
  • Cha: 12
  • Str: 10
  • Dex: 17
  • Con: 12
  • Int: 8
  • Wis: 14
  • Cha: 11
  • Str: 10
  • Dex: 15
  • Con: 13
  • Int: 8
  • Wis: 14
  • Cha: 12


The Striking Panther needs to be fast, stealthy, and have a lot of Dexterity. More movement speed can mean more free attacks, so anything below 30 foot speed is strictly out.

Dwarf: Too slow.

Elf: The bonus to Dexterity is great, and the Intelligence is nice, but the constitution penalty hurts, and all of the magical abilities don't do anything for us. Alternate racial traits like Darkvision and Silent Hunter can work very well for the Striking Panther, but the Elf favored class bonus doesn't fit the build.

Gnome: Too slow.

Half-Elf: The flexible bonus goes straight into Dexterity. Half-Elf might seem like a better option because they're good for multiclass characters, but the only real difference is two skills ranks or two hit points, so dump Multitalented for something more useful. The Half-Elf favored class bonus is garbage, so take the Human favored class bonus for extra talents.

Half-Orc: Darkvision is always nice for a stealth character, and the flexible bonus can go right into Dexterity, but that's really all that we can make use of. The Half-Orc favored class bonus is garbage, so take the Human favored class bonus for extra talents.

Halfling: Despite being very sneaky, the Halfling is still too slow.

Human: The free skill rank helps with our dumped Intelligence, and the free feat helps us get the build off the ground early. The favored class bonus grants a few bonus Talents (remember that the Ninja is an alternate class for Rogues, so logically you should be able to take the same favored class bonus) which can get you some more options if you don't need to spend your favored class bonus on skill ranks.


See my Ninja Handbook's trait section for help selecting traits. In addition, the Fencer trait is worth considering:


With dumped intelligence, prioritizing your skills becomes very important. Otherwise, our skill choices are the same as any other Ninja. See my Ninja Handbook's skill section for help selecting skills. Be sure to maximize Sense Motive to take advantage of Snake Style, and maximize Acrobatics to keep from taking attacks of opportunity before you move the full 10 feet to get Skirmisher.




Armor is presented in the order in which you should acquire it, rather than alphabetical order.

Multiclassing and Prestige Classes

Don't do it. This build already leans on multiclassing Monk and Ninja, and dipping other classes will really handicap you.

Example Build - The Striking Panther

Eventually they'll learn to stop swinging at me, but by then they'll all be dead.

Our ideal scenario looks like this: You move, drawing an attack of opportunity. You interrupt your opponent with Panther Parry to hit them. They then take their attack at a -2 penalty against your AC +4 (Mobility), and when they miss, you take an attack of opportunity against them. If you haven't used your immediate action for the round, you can spend it to get another free attack. That's up to three free attacks at your full base attack bonus, and if you moved 10 feet before drawing attacks of opportunity, all of them are sneak attacks. Now do that for every enemy on the field in one turn (minus the second free attack made as an immediate action). If your victim is unfortunate enough to have Combat Reflexes you can just run around them in circles carving them to bits until they die or they get smart enough to ignore you.

Note: I wrote this guide prior to Pathfinder Unchained being added to the official SRD. While there is no official Unchained Ninja, the new options still offer ways to improve the build. Unchained Rogue could substitute for Ninja in this build with few issues, though the loss of Ki Pool points might be a problem for you if you wanted to use ninja tricks or something. Finesse Training locks you into one weapon, so you either give up double-chained kama or you still need weapon finesse to make your unarmed strikes accurate with Panther Style. Unchained Monk is tempting, but you'll give up +3 to will saves and access to monk archetypes like Sohei and Hungry Ghost in exchange for +1 to BAB. Personally I don't think it's worth the trade, and you won't be taking enough levels of Monk to get anything especially interesting.


We will assume the 25-point buy abilities suggested above, but the other suggested abilities can also use this build without any problems.


Human is really our only good choice.


Our skills are flexible, so I'll leave this largely up to you. Be sure to maximize Acrobatics and Sense motive (see "Skills" above), but the rest is up to you.


Life of Toil and Fencer. Life of toil will bring our worst save up a bit, and I really want an excuse to use Fencer. Reactionary would be a good choice too, but because we like to draw attacks of opportunity, going first isn't as important as it is for most Rogues/Ninjas.


Level Feat(s) and Features Notes and Tactics
1 - Ninja 1
  • Feat: Dodge
  • Feat: Weapon Finesse
  • Poison Use
  • Sneak Attack +1d6

At this level you're a very generic Ninja. Rely on stealth and surprise to get Sneak Attack. You likely won't be able to keep up with anyone wielding a greatsword, so flank with the party's fighter to make yourself useful.

2 - Ninja 2
  • Ki Pool
  • Ninja Trick: Combat Trick: Combat Reflexes

For the moment, use your Ki Pool to get free attacks when you need them. Your damage is still pitiful, but be patient. It will pay off.

Combat Reflexes doesn't actually help us yet, but we need it for level 3. You could easily switch Dodge and Combat Reflexes, but I assume that people will want the extra AC early.

3 - Monk 1
  • Feat: Panther Style
  • Bonus Feat: Panther Claw
  • Flurry of Blows
  • Stunning Fist
  • Unarmed Strike

This is where the build starts to take off. We can get Panther Claw despite the requisite 15 Wisdom because it's a Monk bonus feat, so you can already start running around in combat drawing fire. However, you probably won't be able to get Sneak Attack unless you do something clever with flanking. If you decide that you need to stand somewhere and full attack, use Flurry of Blows to attack unarmed or with a monk weapon like your double-chained kama.

Be sure to take advantage of Stunning Fist when you need it. At this level enemies generally won't have Combat Reflexes, so hopefully you won't have to worry about more than one attack of opportunity per turn from each enemy.

Strongly consider an additional monk archetype in addition to Master of Many styles. Hungry Ghost gets you Punishing Kick, which allows you to knock enemies prone. Sohei gets you Devoted Guardian, which guarantees that you get to act during the surprise round, and will get you a +1 to initiative when you take a second level of Monk.

Don't forget that you won't be able to use flurry of blows because you're wearing armor and a shield.

4 - Ninja 3
  • No Trace +1
  • Sneak Attack +2d6
  • Ability Increase: Any

More Sneak Attack damage is very welcome. With 2d6 per attack and Panther Style, you should be able to use clever positioning to get at least one free attack every round. Try starting from flanking, move one square away to draw the attack of opportunity, then immediately move back into flanking to make a single Attack action. You get just as many attacks a two-weapon fighting Rogue without the pesky attack penalty. If you're concerned about drawing an attack, stand still and hit things like a boring normal rogue would.

5 - Ninja 4
  • Feat: Mobility
  • Ninja Trick: Any
  • Scout's Charge

Mobility isn't very fun, but it will keep you alive to do your Panther Style tricks. Scout's Charge allows you to Sneak Attack on a charge, so charge to get a sneak attack, then on your following turn tumble into flanking then stop tumbling to move normally and draw an attack of opportunity for a free attack. If you still have movement remaining, move back into flanking and take your normal Attack action.

Your choice of Ninja Trick beyond this point isn't really important to the build. Pick whatever will work for you. If you throw a lot of shurikens at the beginning of fights, pick of Storm of Stars. If you need some help with damag, consider Bleeding Attack. If you want more AC, Offensive Defense is a great choice, and has the added benefit of making Snake Fang more reliable. Be careful when taking Ki Pool tricks which activate as a Swift Action because you will generally be using your Immediate Action with Snake Style.

6 - Ninja 5
  • Sneak Attack +3d6

A fairly dry level; all we get is more Sneak Attack. Of course, that means more damage, and more damage is awesome.

7 - Monk 2
  • Feat: Snake Style
  • Bonus Feat: Snake Fang
  • Evasion

Our second level of Monk is fantastic. We get +1 BAB, +1 to all of our saves, Evasion, and a bonus feat. That's one hell of a class dip. That bonus feat lets us skip Snake Sidewind and go straight to Snake Fang. Snake Sidewind is terrible, and being forced to take it is a fate no one should have to suffer.

Be sure to weigh your options between using Snake Style to defend yourself with Sense Motive as an immediate action, or using Snake Fang to potentially get a free attack. If you have good enough AC when drawing attacks of opportunity (Mobility and Offensive Defense will really help), you can generally afford to save your immeditate action for a free attack.

You can switch this level with level 5 if you prefer, but Mobility is very important for your survival, so only do so if your AC is very high already.

8 - Ninja 6
  • Light Steps
  • Ninja Trick: Any
  • No Trace +2
  • Ability Increase: Any

Another fairly dry level. Pick a cool Ninja Trick.

9 - Ninja 7
  • Feat: Panther Parry
  • Sneak Attack +4d6

Panther Parry is a great boost. Attacking before your enemy means that you might kill them before they get to attack you. If you don't kill them, the -2 penalty makes them even less likely to hit you, so Snake Fang is more likely to trigger.

10 - Ninja 8
  • Ninja Trick: Any
  • Skirmisher

This is where the Striking Panther masters its gimick. You need to move at lest 10 feet to get Sneak Attack from Skirmisher, but you have plenty of options. If you start from flanking, you can move away to draw attacks, and you get Sneak Attack because all of the attacks are resolved from your starting position. You can then move back into reach, which is a minimum of 10 feet of movement even if you don't move back into flanking. If you don't start from flanking, you can use Acrobatics to tumble for 10 feet (20 feet of movement), then go back to moving normally to draw attacks and get free attacks that you can Sneak Attack with. If you start more than 10 feet away from enemies, you can either charge for an easy Sneak Attack or move into and through their threatened area, then finish with a single attack as a standard action.


Beyond 10th level your options are totally open. I would recommend sticking to Ninja to increase your Sneak Attack damage, but you have plenty of options. You could go into Rogue or Slayer, or you could take two more levels of Monk to improve your Ki Pool. It's entirely up to you. You don't really need to worry about your BAB as long as you can get attack bonuses elsewhere (keep that dexterity high), so don't be afraid to dip into other classes with poor BAB progressions.